PTT489 Deformable Mirror

Technical Specifications

  • Precision Linear Open-Loop Positioning
  • DM Type: 489 actuator, 163 piston-tip-tilt segments
  • Stroke: 5 or 8 µm
  • Tilt Angle: ±4 or ±6.4 mrad
  • Optical Coating: Gold, protected-aluminum, or protected-silver coating
  • Open-Loop Flat Surface Figure: < 20 nm rms
  • Inscribed Aperture: 7.7 mm
  • Mechanical Response: < 200 µs
  • Drive Electronics: Low noise, 14-bit resolution with USB Interface
  • C/C++ Interface Libraries
  • Matlab™ Compatible Functions

System Contents

  • Factory calibrated PTT489-5 DM
  • Smart Driver II-512 USB electronics
  • Printed-circuit-board interface
  • Mechanical mounting block
  • Interface cables

Configuration Options

  • High-stroke: 8 µm
  • High-speed computer interface supporting > 6.5 kHz update rates
  • Dielectric coatings from 188-1550 nm
  • Reduced-order configurations: 183, 255, or 363 actuators
  • Geometrically matched hexagonal Shack-Hartmann lenslet array

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Product Overview

The PTT489 deformable mirror system is a high-performance, factory calibrated deformable mirror paired with precision, lownoise drive electronics. Intuitive mirror positioning using piston/tip/tilt values or Zernike coefficients and a USB interface mean you can set precision mirror shapes onto the mirror out of the box within an hour.

High-Quality Optical Device

The unique PTT489 design uses robust single-crystalsilicon mirror segments that remain flat over large temperature ranges and incident power of 100W/cm2 and higher. Precision linear open-loop piston-tip-tilt positioning enables high-performance adaptive-optics (AO) corrections for atmospheric correction, retinal imaging, and microscopy. Fully independent segment positioning enables the ability to implement AO, phased arrays, beam shaping, fiber coupling, and many other applications. Reduced-order configurations are available for applications requiring less actuators.

Proven Performance

The deformable mirror is in use in applications that range from state-ofthe-art retinal imaging to high-contrast imaging systems developed by NASA for planet detection. Experience how the PTT489 DM can meet your imaging, microscopy, academic, or industrial needs.

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