Iris AO, Releases New Installation Disk and Controller Software

Berkeley, California – 8 May 2015 – Iris AO is excited to announce the official release of Iris AO Installation Disk version This latest version of our DM software features a standalone DM Controller GUI, a .NET API, and an updated, easy-to-read manual for all of our PTT Deformable Mirror Devices.
Based out of Berkeley, California, USA, Iris AO manufactures small scale microelectromechanical (MEMS) -based adaptive optics (AO) systems and deformable mirrors. Our systems make AO practical for a host of new applications, including retinal and biomedical imaging, astronomy, portable laser communications, and horizontal imaging.
Installation Disk features the Iris AO DM Controller GUI, a graphical user interface or GUI, designed to permit control of a PTT Deformable Mirror without the need for third-party software. The GUI contains options for shaping the mirror through Zernike modes, global positioning of segments, and/or individual control of each segment. Using this handy interface, users can shape the mirror as needed in an experiment, and control aberrations introduced in the optical setup such as focus, astigmatism, etc. The DM Controller GUI is also an excellent tool for educational purposes, and can be used to demonstrate the relationship between phase control of a pupil plane and the changing point spread function in an optical setup.
The disk also includes a device library written in ANSI C/C++ as well as wrapper functions for MATLAB and the .NET framework. Consisting of a library of procedures facilitating easy connection and shaping of an Iris AO mirror in the modes described above, this .NET API is the newest member of our software resources. The .NET functions can be integrated with computing software such as Matlab, Labview, and IDL as well as languages like Python. The new 32-bit Iris AO Devices Library is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Win 7.
Installation Disk is available as a no-cost upgrade to all customers and is now included with all of our PTT Deformable Mirror devices and AO systems. Contact for more information.
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