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Iris AO, Inc. manufactures high-performance deformable mirrors (DM) and adaptive optics (AO) systems. All DM systems Iris AO ships are factory calibrated for precise linear open-loop positioning and improved closed-loop control. The unique microelectromechanical (MEMS) DM design has proven to be stable for years and can operate in a large range of environments. Be it on a mountain top in a telescope, in a cryogenic dewar, in a precision laser micromachining system on a factory floor, or in a research laboratory, Iris AO has DMs suited for your needs. Adaptive Optics Made Easy!

Latest News

Iris AO completes critical wafer-scale bonding development to build next generation PTT939 DMs. This critical technology will enable the fabrication of robust DMs with thousands of actuators and will dramatically lower the cost of building smaller DMs for industrial and commercial applications.
Iris AO joins the High-Contrast Imaging Balloon System (HiCIBaS) team, to fly a DM in near space conditions. During the ten hour stratospheric balloon flight, an Iris AO PTT111 DM will be used to correct dynamic aberrations for the high-contrast imaging system.
Rigaut et al. from the Australian National University and Zamkotsian et al. from the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille present to papers at the AO4ELT5 conference on PTT111 performance from room temperature down to 160 K. Spoiler alert – they work great!
Come see Iris AO in the Laser2000 booth B3.103 at the 2017 Laser World of Photonics in Munich Germany. We will debut a new software release of our image-based sensorless AO system working with our MEMS-based PTT111 DM.
Iris AO engineers complete fabrication mirror and actuator wafers for the next generation PTT393 DMs. The nearly 1000 actuator MEMS DMs will be used in high-contrast imaging systems for NASA, ground-based astronomy, and high-end microscopy systems.
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