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Iris AO, Inc. manufactures small scale, microelectromechanical (MEMS) based adaptive optics (AO) systems that offer radical advantages in cost, size, power consumption, durability and flexibility. Iris AO systems make AO practical for a host of new applications, including retinal and biomedical imaging, portable laser communications and horizontal imaging.

Our manufacturing process is designed from the outset to enable large stroke, low cost, small size and scalability to meet the demands of imaging applications. In addition to the deformable mirror technology, Iris AO manufactures calibrated high-voltage high-channel-count drive electronics, AO controllers, and AO development systems. Factory calibration makes Iris AO's systems easy to operate and ready to use out of the box, dramatically reducing development time.

Latest News

The Iris AO team welcomes you to Photonics West and BiOS 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco! Please stop by booth 8923 at BiOS or stop by booth 2635 at Photonics West and come talk to us about your AO needs.
Iris AO sponsors the 14th Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop in Berkeley CA. The workshop is one of the largest on the west coast and brings together world-class researchers and Nobel Laureates from a wide variety of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and optics.
Iris AO successfully completes all of the design and concept demonstration milestones for a 3045-actuator MEMS deformable mirror (DM). This NASA Phase I SBIR research demonstrated field-stitching of a critical layer using high-resolution DUV lithography and completed conceptual designs for packaging and test systems for the 1015 segment piston-tip-tilt (PTT) DM.
Iris AO welcomes additional MEMS process engineers and expands its facilities to make room for a additional clean room space. The additional hires and new clean room more than doubles fabrication throughput and increases operational efficiency.
Iris AO releases Externally Addressed Playback (EAP) feature. EAP allows for the instantaneous lookup and application of previously stored deformable mirror (DM) shapes. EAP can be used for scanning systems, optimization algorithms, and compensating for aberrations in images. Shapes are stored within the driver box and can be commanded to the DM via a hardware interface that is addressed much like computer memory.
Iris AO teams up with its UK distribution partner, Laser 2000, to host table #731 at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation. Iris AO deformable mirrors (DM) were referenced in 11 different papers at the event. Iris AO’s own paper focused on the long-term stability and temperature variability of Iris AO DMs.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awards a Phase I SBIR to Iris AO to develop a 3045 actuator (1015 segment) MEMS DM.
Iris AO welcomes a new distributor to expand into the Asian market. T.E.M. Inc. will handle sales of our deformable mirror and AO system products in Japan. Check our contacts page for more information.
Iris AO Founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Helmbrecht presents a paper at CLEO Conference 2016: Improvements to power handling and longevity culminate in a successful 1000-hour operational testing of a 3.5 mm aperture PTT111 MEMS DM while exposed to up to 16W of UV laser power. Such advancements in MEMS deformable mirrors (DM) have made them suitable for use in industrial laser systems to improve beam quality and beam-steering/shaping.
The Iris AO team welcomes you to Photonics West and BiOS 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco! Please stop by booth 8738 at BiOS anytime from February 13 to February 14. Or, stop by booth 326 at Photonics West anytime from February 16 to February 18. You’re also invited to join us at 2:30pm on Tuesday, February 16 and Wednesday, February 17 for Improving your image with Iris AO adaptive optics, one of many top tier technical presentations Edmund Optics will be hosting at booth 1615.
Iris AO Partners with Edmund Optics for International Distribution of a new PTT111 Deformable Mirror System with Custom Window Coating.
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